News and Events

  • Debate Mate Cup
    20 May 2024

    On Thursday 2nd May at Middlesex University, Barking Abbey won the Debate Mate Cup! After three gruelling rounds, one of our teams not only made it to the final but won it! In the morning, our teams were boosted by the Headteachers motivational words before they left. The first motion for the day was: 'This House believes social media makes it more difficult to become a successful musician.' The second was 'This House would introduce a three-day weekend' (very popular amongst staff and students alike!) The third motion was 'This House would give harsher punishments for celebrities who commit crimes.' After three rounds, the finalists were announced: Barking Abbey vs Kingsford Community School.
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  • Double National Champions
    09 May 2024

    On Wednesday 8th May Barking Abbey Football Academy made history by being crowned National Champions in both the girls and boys English Schools FA Super Cup! The boys played Hartpury College and won 1-0. The girls played Thomas Telford School and went from 0-2 down to take it to 2-2 and then won on penalties! A fantastic achievement for our Football Academy coaches and players.
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  • Ramadan Iftar: A Night of Unity, Reflection, and Generosity
    27 Mar 2024

    On Tuesday 26 th March, Barking Abbey proudly hosted its second Ramadan Iftar, marking a significant expansion from last year's event. This year, the celebration welcomed students from Year 9 to Year 13, alongside over 400 enthusiastic staff and students, all adorned in their traditional attire. The evening commenced with a warm welcome from our student host, Saad (Year 13), who not only conveyed necessary messages but also introduced five remarkable Barking Abbey students. These exceptional students, ranging from Year 11 to Year 13, captivated the audience with recitations from the Holy Quran.
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  • David Dein
    27 Mar 2024

    On Wednesday 27th March 2024, all year 12 students attended a talk in the main hall from David Dein MBE. As the former Chairman of Arsenal Football Club, and one of the founding members of the Premier League, he delivered a talk to students on his journey in life, and some important lessons he has learnt along the way. He also discussed entrepreneurship, and business opportunities within football, as well as the need to have a good work ethic, think creatively, and to not be afraid to be brave. It was a fantastic talk, with student feedback being excellent.
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  • Ofsted - Outstanding in every category
    28 Feb 2024

    On behalf of our entire school community, we are really proud to share with you the final report from our most recent Ofsted inspection. Ofsted report As you can see, they have judged Barking Abbey School to be Outstanding in every category. This is huge achievement for all of us in the community and one that we can all be proud of. Our community has been through a lot over the past years and this is something we can all celebrate.
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  • Ramadan - Fasting and Physical Education
    27 Feb 2024

    Our policy at Barking Abbey School fully recognises that fasting during the month of Ramadan is the fourth Pillar of Islam; an act of worship of great spiritual, moral and social significance for Muslims. This policy guidance has been devised with reference to the following two publications: Towards Greater Understanding – Meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in state schools, Information & Guidance for Schools. The Muslim Council of Britain ( ) Safe Practice in Physical Education, Sport & Physical Activity. Association for Physical Education ( ) It has also been written in collaboration with parent representatives of Muslim students at Barking Abbey School. During Ramadan, all students will be expected to still take part in Physical Education, for the following three key reasons: 1) Muslims are encouraged not to use Ramadan as an opportunity to avoid aspects of normal life but rather to cope with normal life under a different set of guidelines; 2) All children have an entitlement to access a meaningful PE programme that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum while seeking to respect any religious or cultural sensitivities involved wherever possible; 3) The Muslim Council of Britain states that “the majority of pupils who are fasting are able to take part in most physical activities during Ramadan without putting themselves at risk or danger.” PE department staff appreciate that during fasting, normal energy resources may become depleted, and the risk of dehydration is increased.
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  • Visit from medical professionals and students from St Mary’s Hospital Paddington/ Imperial College London
    12 Feb 2024

    On Friday 9th February, we welcomed 17 colleagues from Imperial College London who raised through a presentation and discussion our students awareness of their rights and the services that they are entitled to on the NHS. The Imperial NHS Trust which is based primarily in St Mary’s Hospital Paddington is keen to increase the health literacy of school-based students. Medical students at different stages of their higher education journey conducted workshops with students across Years 11-13 on Friday to highlight the complexities of our healthcare system and how best to navigate their way through it. Students feedback on the session was very positive and they got an opportunity to quiz the students on their healthcare journey through university and their clinical experiences.
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  • Virtual Online Safety Session for Parents
    06 Feb 2024

    Self-paced Online Safety Secondary Parents/Carers February 28th 2024 - March 27th 2024 Joining instructions: Please find below the links to provide immediate access to the sessions. Once the attendee’s details are entered, the session will start immediately: Important information: The session is 1 hour in duration, without breaks. Attendees must register and log on INDIVIDUALLY to be registered as attending the training. All forms of digital devices can be used to access the sessions.
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  • Eco School
    12 Dec 2023

    We are thrilled to share that earlier this year; we were honoured with the 'Green Flag Award with Distinction'! The support throughout this journey has been invaluable in achieving this recognition. We express our gratitude for the commitment and enthusiasm of our dedicated eco-warriors, who contributed their time and ideas to make this achievement possible. It's astounding to note our progress, considering the Eco Team's inception just over two years ago.
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  • Anti-Bullying
    04 Dec 2023

    We are thrilled to share the impactful efforts of our dedicated students during Anti-Bullying Week, highlighting the commitment of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Their enthusiasm and hard work have truly made a difference in fostering a safe and inclusive environment at Barking Abbey. In a recent initiative led by Miss Jennings, Year 9 students delivered engaging classroom workshops on Anti-Bullying and Mental Health to Year 7 PDC lessons. These workshops, enriched with resources created by our student Ambassadors, showcased a thorough understanding of the issues and emphasized the importance of reporting and seeking support.
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