News and Events

  • Properteers Group
    27 Nov 2023

    The Sixth Form recently hosted a captivating event featuring prominent speakers from the business world, Babrul Matin and Luqman Burhanudin, both key figures at Properteers Group, a Subsidiary of The Islamic Investor Limited. Babrul Matin, the CEO and Managing Director, shared his inspiring career journey, starting as a teacher and Ofsted inspector before transitioning into property investment, amassing a multi-million-pound portfolio. He emphasized the importance of the "4 GEMS": Guts, Environment, Mindset, and Self Improvement. Luqman Burhanudin, CFA and Investment Director at Properteers Group, added valuable insights into the intersection of property and Islamic finance.
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  • DC Motor Designed by Year 11 Student
    15 Nov 2023

    At Barking Abbey, we are committed to developing four core values: Bravery, Excellence, Self-Discipline, and Teamwork among our students. Meet one of our brilliant Year 11 students whose character truly reflects these Barking Abbey ‘BEST’ Habits. He is a passionate scientist, and while studying Electromagnetism in school, he went beyond the curriculum to design and build his own ‘DC Motor.’ In the video, he proudly explains the principles involved in the working of the DC Motor. He has also very kindly loaned the motor to the science department so that all teachers can use it in their lessons.
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  • Jyoti Patel
    09 Nov 2023

    On Friday 3rd November, we were extremely grateful to host a visit by Jyoti Patel, a novelist who has recently released her debut novel: The Things That We Lost with Penguin and #Merky books. Jyoti has recently been identified by The Observer as one of the top ten most exciting debut novelists of 2023, and her debut novel is testament to this. The novel is centred around the relationship between a mother and a son, who, reeling from the death of their bapu, start to become distant from each other due to unspoken secrets from their family's past. Jyoti read from a couple of chapters of her book, and then fielded some well constructed questions by members of our Year 10 and 12 cohort.
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  • Metropolitan Police Feedback Session
    03 Nov 2023

    A group of enthusiastic year 12 and 13 students received a special invitation to attend a feedback session hosted by the Metropolitan Police. The purpose of this event was to tap into the students' thoughts and insights regarding the practicality and impact of the "stop and search" approach in our community. The students were required to give their recollections on "Stop and Search" in the local area. As the session unfolded, all participants eagerly recounted their encounters with the police, painting a vivid picture of their experiences.
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  • Black History Month Showcase
    02 Nov 2023

    Friday the 20th October saw our second ever Black History Month Showcase and the students were amazing. To make the evening even better we were joined by an authentic Jerk Chicken company who kept guest stomachs full and energy high for the show. All performers rehearsed and rehearsed and it led to a fantastic show. Well done to everyone involved and lets make next years even better!
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  • Dance Workshops with Robin Windsor
    01 Nov 2023

    On Wednesday 13th September, we were lucky enough to have Robin Windsor from Strictly Come Dancing and Burn the Floor come in to spend the whole day with us. For the morning, Robin met some of our Dance Academy students who were intrigued to learn a different style of dance. Robin taught a Charleston, and it was the same dance that he taught one of his celebrity partners on Strictly which the students were very excited to hear! This was a totally new genre for the students, but they worked hard to learn the moves and perform this.
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  • Science Magic
    28 Sep 2023

    The school welcomed back one of its alumni from the class of 2014: Safiyyah Saeed who now works for a leading international marketing company called Science Magic. Safiyyah shared with audiences of Business students in Year 12 and 13 some of the big client promotions the company had engaged in over the last few years from eBay, Brompton bikes to the property portfolio of the Crown Estate. It became evident to the audience the extent to which social media plays such a critical role this last decade in gaining brand recognition and loyalty. Safiyyah and her colleague Madeleine Rees offered our students a number of work experience placements in the October half term at their European HQ in White City.
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  • CERN Trip for A Level Students
    27 Sep 2023

    Our year 13 students went on a school visit to Geneva. Although the trip highlight was a guided tour of CERN for our Physics students, all the students enjoyed the history of CERN and its contribution to medical sciences. Our guide Tobias, a Nuclear Research Scientist at CERN took us inside the CERN’s ‘Antimatter Factory’ and showed us how Antiprotons are made and stored. He also explained in detail the current experiments and research to use antimatter to medical treatments in such a way that even the non-physics students were fascinated by it.
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    12 Sep 2023

    Open For Year 6 Parents & Pupils Wednesday 27th September 5pm - 7pm Both campuses are open to visit No booking required This year we are offering parents and students a chance to visit either our Longbridge or Sandringham Campus (or both) between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday 27th September. This event is a great opportunity to meet staff and students who will be able to answer any questions you might have. You will be offered a guided tour of the facilities and be able to hear key messages from the Headteacher and members of the senior leadership team. Headteachers presentation times: Longbridge Road Campus – 5.15pm Sandringham Road Campus – 6.15pm
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  • GCSE Results Day
    24 Aug 2023

    What a fantastic set of GCSE results!! Barking Abbey students have outdone themselves this year!! As a school, we are extremely proud of the results, The grades achieved by all are testament to what happens if you apply yourself despite all the odds being stacked against you. We are a school of character which we teach explicitly but the resilience, motivation and perseverance shown by all students to get to this point makes us all very, very proud.
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