News and Events

  • Culture Day
    20 Apr 2022

    It was wonderful to start the day hearing the Bhangra drums in the hall, welcoming the Year 11 students as they walked into the hall for their assembly. Students had made an amazing effort to attend the day in their cultural clothes, to describe their outfits as stunning would be an understatement! Students shared poetry in their mother tongue, read prayers, played British classics on the flute. Many students bravely took to the stage and shared information about their families' countries of origin - Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau to name just a few.
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  • Penguin Workshop
    20 Apr 2022

    As part of our partnership with Penguin Random House, staff from Penguin delivered a fantastic workshop focused on publishing and careers to our year 12 English Literature students. The workshop was fun and interactive, and aimed to inspire and inform young people about careers in publishing by bringing to life the different roles available within the industry including editorial, sales, marketing and publicity. Our students discovered all about the different roles available in publishing, by working together to put themselves in the shoes of a Marketer, Editor, Designer and Salesperson. They also heard about the individual career journeys of all of the volunteers at the session and the various entry-level roles available to them.
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  • Performing Arts Showcase
    30 Mar 2022

    Barking Abbey proudly celebrated the Arts in school, on the evening of Tuesday 29th March, by presenting a sold-out Performing Arts Showcase to an enthusiastic audience. This performance involved a cast of over 60 students, all participating in this theatrical event, giving opportunity to share their talents, creativity and enrichment work. The showcase included a range of exciting dance pieces, a variety of musical styles from singers, bands, soloists and an original drama presentation, created/directed by KS3 students. Thank you to everybody involved, especially the amazing students and staff, making this such a rewarding experience and a memorable evening!
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  • Dance Show
    25 Mar 2022

    On Thursday 24th March 2022, the Dance Department put on a sold out show with performances from Years 7-13 and guest artists. Over 100 students performed and the work showcased was absolutely phenomenal. Our students lit up the stage, their passion, energy and enthusiasm for dance was so authentic and contagious that audience members were left speechless. Our Dance students are an absolute asset to Barking Abbey School and truly emulate Team BA.
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  • Debate Mate
    04 Mar 2022

    Four Debate Mate teams represented Barking Abbey in the second round of debating at the host school: Eastbrook School. Students in Years 7-10 took part from both Longbridge and Sandringham campuses. Once again, there was a phenomenal level of debate from both KS3 and KS4 teams and again, our MALs took a leading role, displaying an array of sophisticated and complex points. Teams debated two motions and overall we won 6/8 debates in total - another incredible set of results.
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  • Character Education kitemark
    03 Mar 2022

    Barking Abbey were assessed for the Character Education Kitemark and we are pleased to tell you that not only did we gain the Kitemark but that we were also awarded Kitemark Plus. This means that not only do we meet the criteria but that we can be held up as a beacon for other schools to see how to incorporate character education. Barking Abbey started the journey towards incorporating character education into everything we do back in 2017. It has developed over the years into our BEST habits which we can now see reflected in all aspects of Barking Abbey.
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  • Food Banks
    28 Feb 2022

    During the pandemic, Barking has seen an influx of people relying on food banks. As part of their Active Citizenship Project, Year 11 chose to raise awareness of food poverty. 11I and 11F chose to focus on donating food for food banks. They began with secondary research regarding food poverty and its current situation in Barking.
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  • Storm damage update
    24 Feb 2022

    Dear Parents and Carers of Longbridge Road, We have been in lengthy conversation with our building contractors and are working to having the Longbridge Road site fully open from Thursday 3rd March. In order to ensure it is safe for staff and pupils all of the remaining chimneys and roof are being checked and the two chimneys that were blown off are being replaced. Whilst there have been no further incidents I am sure you agree that Health and Safety is paramount and that we cannot allow pupils into the building until we have been assured that it is safe. These plans of course are weather dependent and strong winds will mean that the cranes needed cannot operate.
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  • Planting trees at Barking Abbey School
    17 Dec 2021

    The afternoons of 14th and 16th December saw the Eco-Team, Sixth Formers, ARP and Year 7 students from both sites digging deep and getting their hands into the grit and grime of the fertile soils of Barking Abbey’s playing field boundaries to plant 105 saplings; 37 at Sandringham and the rest at Longbridge to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee. More importantly, this was a gigantic step towards our ambition to become an eco-friendly school. Earlier this term, over sixty ‘Eco warrior’ students from both sites carried out an environmental review to identify key areas of where we can be green. Biodiversity was one of the major areas the students agreed to tackle; we pledged to plant trees as one of the three action plans.
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  • COVID testing - Spring term 2022 update
    14 Dec 2021

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