Barking Abbey School (Sandringham Campus) proudly hosted the first Debate Mate competition of this academic year. In the first round of this competition, the schools participating were: Barking Abbey (both campuses), Eastbury Comprehensive, Little Ilford and Riverside. There were 2 ‘unseen’ motions which meant all students had no prior knowledge of what they would be debating and so they had to work really hard to prepare. The motions were: ‘This House believes that technology is doing more harm than good and ‘This House believes that modern art should be taught instead of historical art.’ Barking Abbey won 5 out of the 6 rounds for the first motion and 4 out of the 6 rounds for the second motion. A fantastic effort from all of the Barking Abbey students! 


Our Year 7 and 8 debate team have recently debated in the Debate Mate Cup at UEL’s Stratford campus. It was a day of thought-provoking debate, where Barking Abbey won 4 of the 6 rounds available. In addition, congratulations must go to both teams as we have just been ranked in the top ten nationally and are on our way to the national finals! The top 8 teams into the country will battle it out and compete in the final to be the National UDL Novice Champions of 2019. Well done for all students involved. 


Our Year 8 MALs travelled to Liverpool Street to attend an event organised by The Brokerage who invite groups of students into business organisations to learn and discover facts about “The City of London”, its job-types and entry routes. The day was hosted by Societe Generale, a French multinational banking and financial services company (France's third-largest bank and the sixth-largest in Europe). The students learnt a range of skills and gained a fantastic insight into the demands of jobs and many opportunities tied to investment banking. The students met a range of professionals and had a chance to ask questions about the nature of their work and the grades/ qualifications needed.


Our Year 7 and 8 MALs were extremely fortunate to witness a UCL lecturer deliver a captivating presentation on the lifecycle of stars and how elements form, ending up as planets. Maria had a wealth of facts that were out of this world and the students learned complex ideas such as tracking stellar evolution. Our MALs had many perceptive questions and were genuinely interested in the subject matter. Maria then made space to allow the students to do some active role play where they became atoms in a star. This was a powerful visual task to understand all the physics concepts and their performed ended with a big bang!


The Key Stage 3 team won the Debate Mate Cup and have been crowned as the National Debate Champions. The team won 3 exceptionally challenging and strenuous rounds of debate ok Friday, the 24th of May, debating motions such as ‘protests are an ineffective way to bring about change.’ the final motion is ‘teachers’ salaries should be performance-related!’ The Barking Abbey Longbridge team have amassed the highest points total out of all 10 finalists on the day, setting up a final with Bobby Moore Academy. The team fully deserved to win as all 4 speakers were outstanding. This is a truly fantastic achievement and a testament to the BEST habits of the more able students of Key Stage 3.


Some of out finest students from both sites attended exciting trips this summer, to see UK’s leading and influential researches. It was a great opportunity to take a glimpse of the future of science and how to solve real-world issues, using STEM. They took part in a brand of exhibits and activities to explore and understand scientific ideas and developments. A fun experience for all our students.

Due to the huge popularity, this year we have 2 STEM clubs running (one for each site). Our BA students continue to show their high level of curiosity with various experiments; from organ dissection, building hydrogen rockets, creating volcano projects and many more.