Food Banks

28 Feb 2022

During the pandemic, Barking has seen an influx of people relying on food banks. As part of their Active Citizenship Project, Year 11 chose to raise awareness of food poverty.

11I and 11F chose to focus on donating food for food banks. They began with secondary research regarding food poverty and its current situation in Barking.

Once they finished their research, 11I and 11F decided to collect food to donate to help those in crisis. They began by creating posters to advertise around the school, providing detail of what food poverty is, what items students can donate and the location of collection points.

After 5 weeks they managed to collect 5 boxes full of food, which was donated to Barking Food Bank. Students were able to meet Obe, who runs the food bank, and received a tour of the site where they learnt about the charity and how it supports the local community.

Well done to year 11 forms I and F!

Miss F. Ahmed