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Ms L Howells Head of Department (responsible for Key Stage 4)
Mr P Hussein Head of Department (responsible for Key Stage 5)
Mr G Carey Head of Key Stage 3 English
Ms C Collopy
Ms K Watkins
Ms M Pathak
Ms I Tahir
Ms B Letang
Mr R Burgon
Ms J Plumb
Ms S Gill
Mr R Black
Mr C Holmes
Mr J Wood
Ms L Khan
Miss T Ahmad
Miss E McKay

Department Overview

At Barking Abbey we aim to prepare students for GCSE whilst fostering a love of reading from the moment they arrive in Year 7. We have developed a new curriculum which ties in very closely with governmental changes whilst addressing the needs and interests of our intake. We have devised schemes of work across the year groups which challenge all learners and gives them opportunities to consider the world from a spiritual, cultural and moral perspective. Barking Abbey students are treated to a range of genres and writers, both fiction and non- fiction, to improve their own reading skills and help to develop their writing. We believe our curriculum encourages the students to want to read independently outside of the classroom as this is a key to knowledge and success in our subject.

Curriculum Content

Year 12/13 A Level English Literature Specification

Paper 1 Love through the ages
The Great Gatsby
Anthology poetry
Unseen Poetry

Paper 2 Texts in shared contexts
The Handmaid’s Tale
A Streetcar Named Desire
Carol Ann Duffy ‘Feminine Gospels’
Unseen Prose



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