Student Profiles


Aqila - year 13

“The Sixth Form has truly supported me in making decisions for my future and my chosen career path. The support system within this school is unmatched and has greatly helped me on my journey as they have demystified any misconceptions I have had on the way. Certainly, this place has enabled me to seek excellence in all aspects"

Anthony - year 13

“The Sixth Form have been extremely supportive and informative about possible careers and pathways post-18. The teachers at Barking Abbey are friendly and approachable especially if you need further support with your studies. They have pushed me to work hard, and they continually encourage me to aspire to achieve the best possible A-Level grades.”

Andrei - Year 13

"The accommodating nature of both teachers and pupils at Barking Abbey made me very comfortable in adjusting to sixth form. They have provided a great amount of support in helping me decide my career choices and helping me to achieve the best possible grades for university."

Navdeep - YEAR 12

"There was a chemistry between me and the teachers and I knew that this would make my work easier. It offers a stable and well-balanced quality of teaching within a fun positive atmosphere. With the workload increasing, I have become more disciplined, targeting priorities and meeting deadlines. Overall I have had an enjoyable experience."

Sabina - YEAR 12

"I chose Barking Abbey Sixth Form because it offers the support crucial for ensuring that you perform to the best of your ability. I continued my studies at Barking Abbey School from my GCSEs where I began to form a bond with the staff and teachers. From then I noticed the incredible support given from academic help as well as aiding ensuring good welfare is kept. 

Doing quite contrasting subjects has been quite difficult to juggle however the staff have been extremely helpful and the quality of teaching is great. The turn-over for work is quick and precise and essays are marked and given full feedback ensuring the best possible results can be achieved. The teachers are always happy to help and nearer exam season additional revision sessions provided the opportunity to iron out any gaps. Overall the Sixth Form has helped give me a good foundation for getting the grades and helped me fully understand the options available to me post Sixth Form."