Student Testimonials

Abdul Wajid (Year 13 2016 Maths and Further Maths - A* A*)

I believe that Barking Abbey is the best place for a student’s mathematical develop. Not only the teacher explain topics clearly but they aim to push students as much as possible and gain the best out of a student’s potential. Also Barking Abbey's Maths department allow students to hone their skills in independent study, which I believe   has improved my aptitude for maths as well as making me a better all-round student.

Gurbir Johal (Year 13 2015 Maths and Further Maths A* A*)

I am currently reading Mathematics at Cambridge University. The Maths Department encouraged me to be an independent learner and gave me the options and flexibility to choose modules that suited me- something that many schools do not do! I was able to work at a pace that suited me with students of a similar ability level thanks to the way further maths is timetabled. My teachers were not only knowledgeable but humorous and approachable at all times

Esmé Lloyd (Year 13 2015 Maths and Further Maths A* A*)

Being part of the Barking Abbey Maths department for so many years taught me how to take charge of and develop my own learning style. I really began to enjoy Maths thanks to the excellent teaching received there. The staff are very approachable and always willing to go through things after school. They genuinely want to help get the best out of every student. It is down to their encouragement and enthusiasm that I decided to focus on maths rather than other subjects . I am now looking forward to reading Maths at Bristol.