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Sociology A-Level - AQA

Have you ever wondered about the full story behind the important issues in our society? How will the unemployment that so many are now experiencing affect their lives, even after they have found work? Perhaps you feel like there is more to what you read in the papers or see on TV? For instance, why is the western world so obsessed with celebrity now? Have you wondered about changes in technology and the affect they are having on society? How are people using Facebook and other social sites? Do mobile phones make our lives more or less stressful?

If you are fascinated by the behaviour of others and why we act the way we do, then sociology is for you. Sociology seeks to understand all aspects of human social behaviour, including the social dynamics of small groups of people, large organisations, communities, institutions and even entire societies. Sociologists are typically motivated by their desire to better understand social life, believing that this will help improve people’s lives through more enlightened and effective policies. If you choose to study sociology you will discover how to investigate these kinds of questions for yourself and begin to understand more about your own motivations and behaviours, gaining a wide range of very valuable skills that can be applied to almost any career.


Subject content A-Level (all three exams at the end of Year 13)

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods

Paper 2: Topics in Sociology (Families and Beliefs in Society)

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods


2 hour written exam

80 marks

33.3% of A-Level



2 hour written exam

80 marks

33.3% of A-Level



 2 hour written exam

80 marks

33.3% of A-Level




KS5   Year 12

Term 1:

  • Intro to Sociology and Families and Households (Paper 2)

Term 2:

  • Research Methods (Paper 1 and 3)

  • Education (Paper 1)

  • Methods in Context (Paper 1)

  • Revision (Paper 1)

Term 3:

  • Mock Exams (PAPER 1)

  • Crime and Deviance (Paper 3)


Year 13

Term 1:

  • Crime and Deviance (Paper 2

Term 2:

  • Theory and Methods (Paper 1 and 3)

  • Revision

  • Mock Exams (PAPER 3)

Term 3:

  • Theory and Methods

  • Beliefs in Society (Paper 2)

  • Revision


*The following are an integral part of the study of each topic area:

  • 1. Sociological theories, perspectives and methods

  • 2. The design of the research used to obtain the data under consideration, including its strengths and limitations.

  • 3. Attention must be given to drawing out the links between topic areas studied.


*Students study the following two core themes:

  • 1. Socialisation, culture and identity

  • 2. Social differentiation, power and stratification.

The themes are understood and applied to the units outlined above. These themes are interpreted broadly as threads running through many areas of social life and are not therefore regarded as discrete topics. In addition, students are encouraged to understand the significance of conflict and consensus, social structure and social action, and the role of values.


Impact: Sociology A-Level

The study of Sociology will focus on contemporary society and foster the development of critical and reflective thinking with a respect for social diversity. It will provide an awareness of the importance of social structure and social action in explaining social issues. Students will be encouraged to develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world. A-Level Sociology will encourage students to:

  1. Acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes and social changes

  2. Appreciate the significance of theoretical and conceptual issues in sociological debate

  3. Understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods through active involvement in the research process

  4. Develop skills that enable individuals to focus on their personal identity, roles and responsibilities within society


Recommended Textbooks:

Book One: AQA A-Level Sociology; Napier Press Sociology (ISBN: 978-0-954-0079-1-1

Book Two: AQA A-Level Sociology; Napier Press (ISBN: 978-0-9540079-2-8)


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"My students often ask me, 'What is Sociology?'. And I tell them, 'It's the study of the way which human beings are shaped by things that they don't see."

Sam Richards