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Ms M Gallagher - Acting Head of Department / KS3 Progress and Achievement 
Miss S Woolley - KS4 Progress and Achievement 
Mr P Flaxman - Senior Deputy Headteacher
Miss V Murphy
Miss I Jasper


Barking Abbey’s Geography department is consistently one of the highest performing in the school. It enjoys a national reputation: it remains the only department in the country to have been awarded Centre of Excellence status three times by the Geographical Association. An increasing number of internal and external students study the subject as a result, with a large number subsequently studying Geography at Russell Group Universities, as well as institutions in the United States. The Sixth Form teaching team have a wealth of experience and a track record of success.




  • Tectonic Processes and Hazards

  • Landscape Systems, Processes and Change – including Coastal Landscapes and Change

  • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

  • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security 



  • Globalisation

  • Shaping Places – including Regenerating Places

  • Superpowers

  • Global Development and Connections – including Health, Human Rights and Intervention



The specification contains three synoptic themes within the compulsory1 content areas:

  • Players

  • Attitudes and actions

  • Futures and uncertainties.

The synoptic investigation will be based on a geographical issue within a place-based context that links to the three synoptic themes and is rooted in two or more of the compulsory content areas.



  • The student defines a question or issue for investigation, relating to the compulsory or optional content. The topic may relate to any aspect of geography contained within the specification

  • The student’s investigation will incorporate fieldwork data (collected individually or as part of a group) and own research and/or secondary data

  • The fieldwork, which forms the focus and context of the individual investigation, may be either human, physical or integrated physical-human

  • The investigation report will evidence independent analysis and evaluation of data, presentation of data findings and extended writing

  • Students will be expected to show evidence that they have used both quantitative and qualitative data to support their independent investigation as appropriate to the particular environment and/or location.

Prerequisites :

GCSE Grade 6 Geography; or 5 in English Language if GCSE Geography not studied.

Good Subject Combinations:

Maths, Biology, Sociology, English and History

Possible Career Pathways:

Geography is a broad based academic degree which is well respected by employers. Geography graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment. Geographers enter a very wide range of career areas and put simply there is no such thing as a geography job, there are jobs that geographers do. Studying Geography provides you with valuable skills and a firm base for life-long learning.



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