Main School



  • Mrs C Maloney (Acting) Head of Department
  • Mrs Y Akram Head of Key Stage 3 Science
  • Mrs A Baporia
  • Mr S Adebayo
  • Mr M Ashworth
  • Mr B Auddiffern
  • Miss J Frempong
  • Mrs T Gandesha
  • Mrs Kapil
  • Mr A Moloney
  • Mrs F Mspiha
  • Mr S Muhibul
  • Miss S Rahman
  • Miss R Raja
  • Mrs R Sharmeen
  • Mr J Sowerby
  • Mr B Denney


Curriculum Content

Key Stage 5 (year 12 to 13)

A range of courses are again offered at Key Stage 5. We offer Biology, Physics and Chemistry A level courses. These are all very popular with our students. As a school and department, we do all we can to help students make the successful transition from GCSE to post 16.

Minimum entry requirements of two Leve 6’s in at least Additional Science GCSE is needed for entry to the A level courses in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics. All courses follow the AQA A level specifications which are readily available online.