Safeguarding Policy

E-safety Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Preventing Extremism and Anti Radicalisation Policy

Reporting Abuse

Issues can be reported in two ways:

Major Issue
 - Report to CEOP. Issues reported here will go straight to the Police to be dealt with.

School Related Issue - The issues will be reported to the school e-safety representatives to be dealt with.

The link here explores why a young person might be drawn towards extremist ideas, how this might happen via the internet, through interaction with peers, the TV and other sources of media and how parents can support their young people to stay safe.

If you have any concerns that your child is being influenced by others please get help – talk to someone you can trust, perhaps your imam and extended family members.

If you feel there is a risk of your child leaving the country, consider what precautions you could take to prevent travel.

Anyone with concerns for the safety or well being of a young person should contact Children’s Social Care 24 hours a day on 02073645006

If there is imminent threat of harm to others contact 999.

Educate Against Hate is a new website for parents, teachers and school leaders set up by the Department for Education and the Home Office. 

The website can be accessed via this link:

E-safety factsheet for parents

Please click below to download the Esafety factsheet for parents.

E-Safety Factsheet