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This department has a long history of academic success. It has become a very popular choice at both A/S and A level, with over 140 taking A/S maths in year 12 and approximately 60 choosing to continue at A2. Further maths has been the jewel in Barking Abbey’s crown for almost 10 years- students often  achieve double A*’s here and progress to read mathematics at Cambridge, Warwick, Kings, Imperial and many other illustrious universities.

The 6th form teaching team has experience and strength in depth, led by Mr Chokshi with over 23 years A level teaching to his name, followed by Mr Sapal who teaches all the modules across maths and further maths whilst catering for STEP provision. Miss Patel is a statistics expert with many years of experience, Mr Falzon is not only the assistant head teacher but has taught mechanics for over 30 years. Mr Sufi has been teaching A level maths at Barking Abbey for 10 years and with Mr Davies the head of department actively involved in the delivery of A level maths we have a full complement of dedicated and successful teaching staff ready to help students achieve their potential and beyond.

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