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Mr  R Warner Head of Department
Ms F Bhatti
Mr K Kumar
Ms R Tang

Department Overview

Welcome to Psychology!

Psychology is for students who are interested in studying how the brain works and how it affects our behaviour.  

Why do we remember some birthday celebrations and not others?

Why do we not walk out of boring meetings/assemblies?

How might we explain the introduction of gender-neutral toilets?

What is the more likely cause of Anorexia Nervosa – our biological make-up or the environment?

Does it help a victim of crime to meet with the criminal?

If you are inquisitive about asking such questions about how and why we behave like this and are interested in areas such as gender, conformity, memory, phobias, OCDs, then this subject is for you. Our students enjoy Psychology because they find it fascinating, challenging and it relates to everyday life.  

These are some of the areas that you will study:

A-Level (AQA exam board)

Year 12

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Conformity/obedience/resistance to social influence
  • Biopsychology
  • Abnormality/phobias/OCDs/depression
  • Memory/forgetting
  • Attachment
  • Research Methods
  • Psychological approaches/explanations

Year 13

  • Issues and debates in Psychology
  • Gender
  • Forensic Psychology

Career Options/Skills

Psychology is a ‘facilitating’ subject and has esteem with all universities, especially the Russell Group i.e. Oxbridge, LSE etc.

It is usually considered as a Science and students often combine this with Biology and with English, Sociology and other subjects.

Psychology is particularly useful to those considering a career in counselling, sports psychology, law and other careers.