Student Testimonials

1. Dance at barking abbey for me was great. It gave me the chance to learn a diverse range of dance styles to enable me to go out into the world with a good amount of knowledge on the different styles out there. The teachers knew our strengths and weaknesses and therefore were always pushing us in our weaker areas to help us improve. The environment was lovely as we always felt comfortable, we basically lived in the dance studio. You can always talk to your dance teachers about anything, they are very supportive and understanding (most of the time). We always started with a warm up in class to prevent injuries, we then went into some techniques exercises before doing the choreography we needed to work on in that lesson. Doing the technique exercises everyday really helped as when you are in the professional world technique is a big thing! Dance at barking abbey has allowed me to move onto one of the best dance universities in London which is Middlesex uni in Hendon. I would recommend anyone that wants to do dance to come to barking abbey as they push you and make you a better dancer and it is a chance for you to join not a dance class but a family. - Shanique 


2. Life as a dancer at barking abbey for me was amazing. I felt like I was part off something more than just a lesson. The dance teachers train you to the best off your abilities and push you when they know you can do more but they also are a shoulder to cry on if needed. Studying dance at barking abbey allowed me to widen my range of knowledge within the different dance styles such as jazz, commercial, contemporary and several others. The teachers prepare you for personal training by teaching you the fundamental techniques such as Graham, Cunningham and Humphrey. Being a dancer at barking abbey allowed me to gain an unconditional offer at one of the best universities for dance, Middlesex University. I would recommend anyone that is passionate about dance to come to barking abbey as you are 100% guaranteed to get to where you want to be. - Wiktoria 


3. Studying dance at barking abbey not only helped me with my physical and performance skills, it gave me the confidence to question and understand various dance disciplines such as limon, graham and release. It taught me how to take on board constructive criticism and has helped shaped me into a well rounded dancer. Learning styles such as commercial, street and jazz really expanded my movement and choreographic vocabulary and now helps me to adapt my body during different workshops and classes. The friendly family environment in dance pushes dancers to excel in their study’s and therefore gain more knowledge. Dance at barking abbey helped me to gain an unconditional offer to Middlesex University where the fundamental skills taught are barking abbey have given me a competitive edge making the rest of the dancers. Dance at barking abbey pushes you mentally and physically but with hard work, passion and dedication, this course really gets you to into the top tier of level 3 dancers and continues to prepare you for further education. - Sarah


4. Dance at Barking Abbey is like no other. You train everyday 2-4 hours a day, each time training in a different discipline whether that be Humphrey, Hip Hop or Lyrical. Barking Abbey Dance can really help prepare you for when you leave and go onto either dancing in a University or an Institute. Your training with other girls that share the same passion as you which helps you push yourself each day, with our amazing professionally trained teachers guiding you throughout your entire time here, pushing you past your comfort limits to help you get to the best of your ability. You also get to go on trips throughout the year to see professional dance companies at some of London’s most popular theatres like Sadlers Wells. With most of BA dancers living nearly an hour away from school, they commute in order to get the best training they can whilst studying for their A levels. - Paige