Properteers Group

27 Nov 2023

The Sixth Form recently hosted a captivating event featuring prominent speakers from the business world, Babrul Matin and Luqman Burhanudin, both key figures at Properteers Group, a Subsidiary of The Islamic Investor Limited. Babrul Matin, the CEO and Managing Director, shared his inspiring career journey, starting as a teacher and Ofsted inspector before transitioning into property investment, amassing a multi-million-pound portfolio. He emphasized the importance of the "4 GEMS": Guts, Environment, Mindset, and Self Improvement.

Luqman Burhanudin, CFA and Investment Director at Properteers Group, added valuable insights into the intersection of property and Islamic finance. The event provided students with a unique perspective on navigating the property and investment field while adhering to Islamic compliance.

Notably, the talk resulted in three students securing internships with Properteers Group, a testament to the event's practical impact on the students' professional development. The occasion not only broadened the students'
understanding of Islamic finance in the property sector but also offered them tangible opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

The event's success highlights the sixth form's commitment to providing students with meaningful exposure to industry leaders, fostering connections between academia and the professional world.