Art & Design


Mr Sizer - Head of Department
Miss Izzard - Head of Key Stage 3
Miss Harris - Head of Key Stage 5
Miss Gill 
Miss Arojojoye


Department Overview

The Art Department at Barking Abbey School is dedicated to delivering a broad range of study that spans many creative disciplines for all key stages. The visual arts are a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of every student and as such, enhance the quality of life. Art is the medium that allows us to connect our imaginations with the history of human existence. Studying civilisation and creative expression throughout history and across cultures enables students to experience diversity and is multiculturalism in practice. Art helps students develop the attitudes, characteristics and intellectual skills required to participate effectively in today's society and economy.
Our comprehensive Art programme enhances cognitive development, social skills, self-esteem, and most importantly, allows for self-expression in an environment that always welcomes personal opinions. As learners progress through the key stages, it is intended that their reasoning, imagination, dexterity and intuition will increase and they learn to analyse, critique, defend, ask what-if questions and explore alternative points of view, enabling them to be effective, able and creative visual communicators.


Curriculum Content

Key Stage 3

In years 7 and 8 our learners are introduced to the formal elements of Art & Design; line, tone, colour, form, texture, pattern, perspective, scale, proportion, etc., through drawing, painting, printing, collage, photography, and a range of 3D materials. They research the work of artists and designers, both historical and contemporary, and from different cultures, to better understand their own development and are able to analyse and evaluate their work, and that of other people. We give students the opportunity to refine their designing and making skills combined with knowledge and understanding of various approaches to designing and making products.


Key Stage 4

At GCSE, learners enjoy a three year curriculum following the AQA specification for Art and Design, which builds upon all the skills developed at year 7 and 8, progressing from teacher-led workshops in Year 9 with starting points of a technical, contextual or conceptual nature and developing into more independent and negotiated personal choices during year 10 and 11. Journal/sketch book work is encouraged to develop a visual diary which is highly personal to each student. Barking Abbey offers both Art and Design or Graphic Design options at this level.


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"The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before."

Neil Gaiman