The Barking Abbey Football Academy Annual Tours provides a rich variety of opportunities for football academy students to participate in a wide range of International competitions, thus enabling them to experience different cultural environments.

Barking Abbey Football Academy have been busy developing links in America over the past three years to help students create opportunities of pursuing a football scholarship in America.

These Tours also create a fantastic opportunity for the boys and girls to showcase their talent against some of the best International Football Academies in the world.  There are over one hundred American college coaches scouting at these events. These University/College coaches are ultimately scouting with the purpose of offering talented student athletes scholarships to their University or college.  

In 2015 the Boys football academy travelled to America to participate in the IMG Cup in Florida, Bradenton, USA. This enabled three of the boys to receive University /College scholarship offers.

Football Flordia boys Copy

Also in 2015 the Girls Football Academy travelled to Texas, America to compete in the girls Dallas Cup Tournament. This proved to be a real success with three of the girls receiving scholarships that enabled them to start an academic and footballing future in America.

Dallas Girls 2015

In March 2016 Boys and Girls flew over to America to compete in the Dallas Cup. The Dallas Cup competition proved to be a stern test, however both Boys and Girls still managed to impress enough that there were nine Barking Abbey Football Academy students that were awarded scholarships from a NCAA University, a NAIA University, a Private College and a Junior College.

Dallas boys and girls Copy

In addition to our annual America Tour, the boy’s football academy have previously participated in the Welsh Super Cup, which is a four day pre-season tour to Wales.  The Welsh Super Cup is is a U19 Boys tournament that is held in Cardiff. We have entered this pre-season competition in 2013, 2014, and 2015.