Identify More Able Learners

How does the School identify More Able Learners?

The identification process for More Able learners at Barking Abbey School

  • Is consistent, fair and transparent

  • Acknowledges the full range of abilities

  • Does not discriminate against particular groups of learners and;

  • Is flexible enough to include students who join the school part way through the year or are late developers

Identification is a continuous process which takes place throughout the academic calendar to ensure that all student data is ‘alive’ and has a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning within every lesson at the School.

Each department in the School has an agreed set of specific criteria which allows for the fair and consistent identification of More Able learners across the School. Each checklist identifies the specific skills and abilities inherent in More Able learners within that subject area. The accurate identification of More Able learners allows subject teachers to accurately differentiated for – and challenge – all students to ensure that every learner makes progress in every lesson. This creates a stimulating, challenging and appropriate environment where learners can fulfil their potential.

Effective provision enables each teacher in the School to easily identify those learners that chose to ‘hide’ their ability in order to fit in with their peer group or avoid being singled out for praise. Creating a learning environment which nurtures gifted and talented behaviours is key to the effective identification and reengagement of these learners.


How does this impact on the classroom?

The planning of suitably challenging learning opportunities is an important part of provision for all learners, but especially the More Able. This is achieved within the School by:

  •  The use of effective Assessment for Learning that informs the planning of challenging curricular activities

  • Additional stretch being provided through a combination of enrichment, extension and acceleration

  • Differentiating learning objectives

  • Supporting learners in specific areas highlighted through the use of Individual Learning plans  and teacher knowledge

  •  Developing opportunities for independent learning and

  •  Integrated learning in settings beyond the classroom

Lifting aspirations of all learners and creating an environment where working to the very best of one’s ability is celebrated at the School.

The principles of good teaching for all young people provide a foundation for effective provision for More Able learners. Barking Abbey School encourages effect teaching and learning by ensure that all classrooms ensure the progress of every student in every lesson.