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Gifted and Talented / More Able Learner  Provision at Barking Abbey School

​More Able Learners are those who will typically excel in relation to expectations for their age group, either in all subjects or just one. The More Able are a diverse group and their range of attainment will be varied. Some do well in statutory national curriculum tests or national qualifications (GCSE/A level/BTEC) ; however, being More Able covers much more than the ability to succeed in tests and examinations.

​More Able Learners comprise around 5-10% of Barking Abbey’s population. At Barking Abbey, we identify the More Able students in all subjects. Scroll down to find out more about the opportunities we provide for our More and Most Able Learners.

We also seek to identify pupils who are not fulfilling their potential. Pupils may also be recognised as ‘Good all Rounders’.

  1. Intellectual – Literacy, Mathematics, Science

  2. Artistic, creative and practical – Art, DT, Music and Drama

  3. Physical – Sport, P.E., Dance

  4. Social – Personal and Interpersonal, Leadership Qualities

  5. A pupil who could be recognised as more able but who is presently not reaching his or her full potential.



We use consistent strategies to identify the More Able children in our school. These consist of:

  • Teacher observation and assessment

  • Test and assessment results (e.g. GCSE Profile, other national Tests, KS2 Data)

  • Discussion with pupils/self and peer group indemnification

  • Discussion with other staff

  • Information received from previous class/school

  • Information from parents and carers.

We recognise that More Able pupils may:

  • Be high achievers in one area but unexceptional (or below average) in others

  • Exhibit poor social skills

  • Show poor motivation

  • Disguise their ability

  • Have poor coordination or motor skills (e.g. handwriting)

  • Have English as an additional language

  • Have been identified as SEN

  • Show poor behaviour