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Department Overview

MFL education at Barking Abbey will provide all students with the opportunity to communicate and participate in a range of language experiences. We aim to provide a disciplined, well-ordered and supportive environment in which students can strive to achieve their best. This will be achieved with high quality teaching and learning and with a focus on high expectations.

Advantages of learning a foreign language

  1. Enhance your knowledge of English structure and vocabulary
  2. Develop Analytical thinking and score higher in tests
  3. Expand your job and career opportunities and increase your earning power
  4. Completely transform your travel experiences
  5. Develop the ability to communicate with people from other countries and backgrounds

Key Stage 4

GCSE Exam Board: Edexcel

The GCSE course intends to develop a student’s French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills further and to help prepare them for their GCSE examinations.

Overview of the French GCSE

  • Theme 1 IDENTITY AND CULTURE (year 9)
  • Theme 2 LOCAL AREA, HOLIDAY AND TRAVEL (year 10)
  • Theme 3 SCHOOL (year 10)


Class teachers will set weekly online tasks via the website ActiveLearn. Your child will be expected to log in and complete weekly tasks. These tasks are linked to the French content covered in your child’s French lesson.

Speaking Booklets

Follow your student’s homework tasks through the Showmyhomework website/app. Your child’s French teacher will be setting weekly speaking questions to be completed in their speaking booklets. There are 5 speaking booklets that each students needs in order to prepare for the speaking exam

Revision Booklets

In year 11, your child will be given French Revision booklets that they will be expected to complete. It would be very useful for parents to monitor students, ensuring they are completing tasks in this revision booklet. For example, students will be expected to download audio files from Moodle (School website) to practice listening skills.

Key Stage 4 support resources

Here are some useful resources to help support your child’s inquisitive skills and prepare for key assessments and exams.

Edexcel GCSE (9-1)

French Grammar and translation book

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1)

 French Revision Guide

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1)

French Revision Workbook

 MFLBook 1  MFLBook 2  MFLBook 3

Key Stage 3

We follow a two-year Key Stage 3 curriculum that aims to give students a good grounding in the basics of French language to help them extend their knowledge in later years. The course is broken down into the following components:

Year 7

  • C’est perso
  • Mon collège
  • Mes passetemps
  • Ma zone
  • 3, 2, 1…Partez!
  • Cross curricular projects

Year 8

  • T’es branché(e)?
  • Paris, je t’adore
  • Mon identité
  • Chez moi, chez toi
  • Quel talent?!
  • Cross curricular projects
  • GCSE option group preparation classes


Key Stage 3 support resources

Here are some useful resources to help support your child develop their knowledge of French further. Click on the link find the resource.

MFLBook 4 MFLBook 5 MFLBook 6

Websites to help you develop your language skills

Practice your Grammar/Vocab – good for KS3

Revise & Practice French vocabulary in year 7 and 8

Revise & Practice French vocabulary at GSCE

Learn French by watching videos in an online

Look at French culture