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Further Maths Course Information

Prerequisites :
GCSE Grade 8-9 (A high grade 7 may be acceptable)
Good Subject Combinations
Physics, Chemistry Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, ICT, Biology and Computing
Possible Career Pathways
Accounting, Finance, Teaching, Statistical work, Engineering, Computing, Management.  Entrance into top Universities for Mathematics and Non/Mathematics courses.
  • Course runs alongside the maths A level.
  • Compulsory Core Pure1 & Core Pure 2 units but flexibility with the remaining two units, further pure, further statistics, decision maths or further mechanics.
Reasons to take Further Maths
1. Top Universities prefer students who have taken AS or A2 Further Mathematics.  It sets you apart from the crowd.  Imperial College: “We recommend you take Maths and Further Maths as competition for places is intense”.
2. They often give a lower offer onto a course, i.e. If it is AAA onto a course at Queen Mary Westfield it would be AAB, or even ABB at the University of York.
3. Some Universities offer a cash scholarship of up to £500 for each “A” Grade in Maths or Further Maths.
A Level Further Maths
Paper 1: Core Pure 1                 75 marks             1hr 30 mins
Paper 2: Core Pure 2                 75 marks             1hr 30 mins
Paper 3: FS1                              75 marks             1hr 30 mins
Paper 4: FM1                             75 marks             1hr 30 mins

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