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Computer Science and ICT


Mrs Wright Head of Department
Mrs Ngwa Head of Key Stage 3 Computer Science and ICT
Mr Ahmed
Mr Gillary
Mrs Kimbugwe
Mrs Sharma

Department Overview

Computer Science and Information Technology are one of the fastest growing, sustainable sectors of the economy. The ICT department aims to encourage students to become both independent enquirers and creative thinkers. 
The work is designed to challenge students to create ICT solutions to key tasks and problems in the real world.  In ICT and Computer Science lessons, students are taught how to become efficient users of digital technology, ranging from essential office skills to programming and sequencing.
Our highly skilled staff have expertise across the wide range of emerging technologies, as well as a broad base in the more established areas of the subject.
We offer A level Computer Science and ICT at KS5. Our qualifications concentrate on the use of ICT and Computing in the real world, equipping students with skills they will use in all walks of life.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 students are offered an AS/A2 qualification in Applied ICT. Students cover a total of six units on this course. The course enables students to identify and solve problems by developing ICT systems in a chosen scenario. Students learn about the effective use of ICT systems and develop an understanding of the opportunities they offer to both organisations and society as well as using Spreadsheet and Database to analyse and interpret complex numerical data.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The department provides support sessions after school to help raise attainment in ICT and Computer Science.  Students are able to use this time to develop course work, extend the learning they have done in lessons, and facilitate for students who have no access to computers at home, in order to produce homework and complete coursework


The department delivers lessons in six well equipped computer suites. We have a variety of software packages at our disposal including Microsoft Office, Adobe Web Suite, Game Maker, Scratch and specialist development environments for programming.