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Key Worker information


The Keyworker school is open any child who’s parent is a Key Worker.

If you request a place at the Keyworker School please complete the attached link

From Monday 11th January the Keyworker School at the Longbridge Campus will run from 8:30am until 2:40pm. 

The school day will mirror the remote learning platform, allowing all students to access live lessons and remote learning. 

Students are expected to arrive in full school uniform.

Students must have a negative COVID test result and families must consent to lateral flow testing.

We still maintain our high expectations of students and will follow our Behaviour Policy. 

Students will remain in Year Group Bubbles and staff will be present to supervise and support learning.

All students will have access to a computer.

Each day a recognised DSL and SLT Lead will be on site.

In the event of poor behaviour or behaviour that puts students, peers or staff safety at risk students will not be able to access the provision.

Could students please ensure they bring headphones that can be used on the school computer; the school will be able to provide headphones.

Students will be provided with a lunch.


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