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September 2019 sees the launch of our House System.  This is an exciting time for the school, as we will be developing the long-standing family feel of the school into our pastoral systems.  A significant amount of work has gone into this launch, and thanks need to go to all of the Pastoral Teams, for their innovative and inventive contributions.

The school mantra is Give and Expect the Best, and for pupils to do this we must ensure their emotional and mental well-being. Further making Barking Abbey a collaborative and community centered school.  Earlier this year we asked pupils to select three words that describe Barking Abbey to them.  The most popular responses became the core values of our school.  Belong.  Aspire.  Succeed.

The House system will develop a sense of belonging for all students as each house has a shared identity.  Pupils will be encouraged to work for themselves, for their House and the for their school.  Also, ensuring that pupils have high aspirations for their time beyond the gates of Barking Abbey School.  Pupils are not just students within a school, they are the future, and we owe it to them to ensure that they aspire to give, and expect the best.  Finally, the House system will celebrate success and cultivate a culture of achievement and pride, with all pupils encouraged to succeed at what they do.  The House system encourages peer recognition and collaboration, all pupils succeeding not only for themselves but for their house.

Each House will be led by one of our experienced and outstanding pastoral leads; who have been integral to the planning of this system and will be the driving force of its success over the coming years.  When pupils arrive for the first day in September, they will be meeting their Head of House and House mates formally for the first time.  Pupils will stay within their House for the duration of their time at Barking Abbey, with siblings joining the same House as their elder brothers and sisters.  Further cementing the family feel of our House system.  This also will help nurture relationships with parents as carers, as there will only one pastoral contact for a family.  This will ensure that strong and collaborative relationships are built between families and the school, ensuring that our young people have the highest level of support. School and family working together, for pupils of Barking Abbey.

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The House Cup

Over the Course of the Year all pupils will be earning points towards their House.  These points will contribute towards the total for their House. At the end of the Year the House with the points will be awarded the House Cup.

House point totals

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House Cup Winners 2020