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Further Maths workshop at the University of Greenwich - posted 17th Jun

15 top set Barking Abbey students took part in a Further Maths workshop at the University of Greenwich. Students were required to solved high level mathematical problems as well as experience how maths can be used in a variety of jobs. Barking Abbey students showed extremely advanced skills in the subject and represented the school very well. A great day.

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Debate Mate 2016! - posted 27th Apr

On Tuesday 19th April two teams of students from Barking Abbey School took part in the 2016 Debate Mate Competition. This year's competition took place at Westminster University where schools from all over London joined to compete. The first debate saw the teams representing the motion 'This house states that advertising for the British Army should be banned'. 

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Maths Day - posted 22nd Mar

Year 7 were off timetable for a day to work on Rock Club, a chance to work as a team, collect data and present it,  build a stage, plan lighting and present their teams profit and loss to the rest of the year group. Students built fantastic stages with limited resources and time. They learnt about the Maths involved in planning a large scale event such as a Rock Concert and learnt to apply the Maths they have worked on this year in a real situation.

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Barking Abbey hosts Russell Group open day - posted 7th Mar

On Thursday 3rd March, Barking Abbey School hosted the very first Russell Group open day. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with businesses and the public sector. Barking Abbey, Dagenham Park, Robert clack and Eastbury year 10, 11 and 12 students were invited to liaise with representatives from ten Russell Group universities. Students were able to ask questions, collect prospectuses and course information as well as get photographs of themselves in graduation gowns. The event was fantastic, eye-opening experience for students to compare and contrast each university and find out what grades they would need to achieve in order to be selected by one of the leading uk universities. Due to the huge success of the event Barking Abbey is proud to host the Russell Group open day as an annual event for schools within the borough of Barking and Dagenham.

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Medical workshop at Kings College London - posted 26th Nov

On the 25th November, 20 of our year 10 and 11 students attended a medical workshop at Kings College London. This was a fantastic opportunity for students who were interested in a career in medicine. During the day students were given the opportunity to perform procedures for withdrawing blood, measuring a client’s oxygen levels, blood pressure and oxygen capacity. Students also completed tasks that a surgeon might perform on a daily basis such as keyhole surgery and stitching. Both the students and staff had an amazing day and developed a wide range of skills and important information about the field of medicine.

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Year 9 Trip to Cambridge University - posted 14th Oct

On 9th October, 15 of our year 9 students got the opportunity to visit one of the country's top universities. Our students received a private tour of Cambridge University's most amazing campuses. Students attended lectures and seminars so they experienced a typical day at Cambridge University. Barking Abbey students were inspired by the visit and found themselves planning for a bright future. 

As Layla explained “I really learned a lot about what university life is like and I am now even more determined to get to university!”

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