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University Admission Tests

Depending on your chosen institution and course, you may need to take an admissions test as part of your application (some joint degree courses require you to take two tests). As well as being an entry requirement, an admissions test gives you the chance to show your potential to succeed on your course.

Please submit an application form by the dates shown below


BMAT : BioMedical Admissions Test     Thursday 26 September

CAT: Classics Admissions Test     Thursday 10 October

ELAT: English Literature Admissions Test     Thursday 10 October

MAT: Maths Aptitude Test     Thursday 10 October       

HAT: History Aptitude Test     Thursday 10 October                       

PAT: Physics Aptitude Test     Thursday 10 October                     

TSA’s: Thinking Skills Assessments {Oxford}     Thursday 10 October                              

LNAT: Law National Aptitude Test     Please see an Exams Officer                          

STEP: Sixth Term Exam Paper {Maths}     Thursday 17 April                        

University of Cambridge pre-interview assessment     Thursday 10 October                          

Test of Mathematics for University admission     Thursday 26 September

If you have applied externally for the LNAT: Law National Aptitude Test: Please see an Exams Officer