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How to apply for a review of marking

Students can apply for marking reviews and scripts electronically by email. Application forms for post results services can be found below.

Applications will be acknowledged within two working days. If you have not received a confirmation in this time scale, please ring the school to ensure your application has been received.

If you would prefer to use a paper application form, there will be forms available in the main hall on results’ day or you can download and print a form out to complete manually. Once completed and signed, the forms must be passed to the Examinations Officer as soon as possible and before the deadlines shown in the tables below.

Important - please read the following carefully before proceeding with a post results enquiry.

Enquiries about results

Where there is a significant discrepancy between actual and expected performance and your marks are very close to the next grade boundary, you may decide to apply for a review of marking. You may also request to see a copy of your reviewed script. The awarding bodies charge for these services.

A review should not be entered into lightly and should be approached with caution as marks can go down as well as up.

The majority of marks remain unchanged following a review.

If you are unsure about whether to pursue a review of marking, advice should be sought from a subject teacher, relevant Head of Department or a member of the Senior Leadership Team before proceeding.

Coursework and Controlled Assessment

A candidate cannot request a review post-results where a component has been marked internally and moderated externally e.g. for coursework and controlled assessments. Please see Internal Assessment for External Qualifications under Policies on our website.

Access to Scripts

There are three ways in which candidates can access copies of their scripts:

1. Urgent Photocopy [GCE only]: candidates can access a photocopy of their script subject to a fee, but please note, the deadline for ordering scripts is the Thursday after results' day so students must act quickly if they want to use this service. Important: Students are advised not to delay a re-mark in the hope a copy script will give grounds for appeal. This service should not be used for this purpose unless recommended by the Head of Department.

2. Copy of reviewed script: candidates may apply for photocopies of their reviewed scripts subject to a fee. This service can only be requested at the same time as the application for a marking review.

3. Script for learning purposes: candidates may request to see their original script subject to a fee. Scripts should arrive in school by the middle of November.  In some cases, where scripts are marked online, these scripts can arrive much earlier. Please note, scripts ordered for learning purposes cannot be submitted for a re-mark should an error be found.

You can complete a post results form by clicking the link below. There will also be forms in the main hall on results' day.



Post-results Service Information

A Level Priority Review of Marking deadline  22 August
A Level Priority photocopy of script deadline  22 August
A Level Standard Review of Marking Deadline  19 September


Forms are available from the exams office or you can complete an online form. To access the online form please using the
following steps: - School Information - Exam Information-Results and Enquiries
Scroll down to find the link for the online form