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Secondary Transition

At Barking Abbey we pride ourselves on making the transition from primary to secondary as seamless as possible whereby students settle into a welcoming environment quickly, feeling supported and enthusiastic about the challenges ahead.

A wide range of initiatives are taken each year to maintain a rewarding experience for our new students and to build up valuable, positive partnerships with parents.

Here are some of the ways we ensure a smooth and effective transition.

  • Parent/Pupil open evening at the upper school
  • Parent/Pupil open morning at lower school in which given a guided tour by current Barking Abbey, Year 7 students.
  • Parent and Student ‘get to know our school’ booklets
  • Year 7 Pastoral team visit primary schools to meet the pupils
  • Year 7 pastoral team meet student’s primary school teachers and discus each individual student who will be joining the cohort.
  • Current Year 7 and 8 pupils visit primary schools and run workshops in Maths, PE and English
  • In-house capture form completed on every student prior to their start at the school collating profiles of student’s interests, academic and social history.
  • ‘Meet and Greet the  Staff ’ coffee afternoon for parents
  • Year 6 – Induction Day (June)
  • One to One individual visits to the school
  • Year 7 – Induction Day (September)
  • Year 7, Parental link evening
  • ‘Settling in’ parental evening with academic mentors

Year 7, Student Questionnaire 2015

  • I am happy with my new school -99% agree
  • Do you feel safe at Barking Abbey School – 98% agree
  • Barking Abbey has a friendly atmosphere – 96% agree
  • I feel like I have settled in well to Barking Abbey – 98% agree

 Year 7, Student Questionnaire Comments 2015

  • Everyone’s welcoming
  • I have made new friends even though came from a different school
  • Teachers are friendly and make the students feel safe
  • I feel independent
  • I love everything
  • I feel like I have settled in well to Barking Abbey because the school community is very friendly and we all support each other

Year 7, Parental Questionnaire 2015

  • My child is happy at Barking Abbey – 100% Agree
  • My child was helped to settle in well when he/she started at Barking Abbey – 98% Agree
  • I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress – 99% Agree
  • My child is well look after at this school – 98% Agree
  • I would recommend this school to another parent – 99% Agree

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