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Year 10 Mock Interview Day

Year 10 Mock Interview Day was a big success. It is one of our most important events of the year as our students get to experience a formal interview within the school. 

What may have seemed like a terrifying prospect the night before actually became a fantastic learning opportunity and confidence boosting mock interview experience for our Year 10s! With volunteer interviews coming from a wide range of companies and organisations (e.g. Google, Kier Construction, LBBD, Willmott Dixon, Moorfields Hospital, Universities of Coventry and UEL to name a few) the Year 10 pupils were put through their paces and faced some challenging questions.

Feedback from the volunteers was overwhelmingly positive about how impressive the Year 10s were and how they all showed that they had prepared in advance!

The pupil evaluations showed that 100% of those that took part agreed that it a) helped them to understand their personal qualities and why they are important to employers b) that it helped them develop their communication skills and c) encouraged them to show a positive attitude.

To end with some quotes from the day:

“ I learnt how to portray myself and that first impressions and body language are important”

“ I learnt new communication skills and I’ve also learnt how to talk to adults with more confidence. I definitely know now how to plan for future interviews. This has helped me a lot”

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