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Visit from IT specialist from the Digital Division of the Bank of England

Over 180 students in Years 10-13 who are currently studying IT and/or Computer Science at GCSE or A Level were visited by a lead IT specialist from the Digital Division of the Bank of England last Thursday. Mark Duffy spoke to these students about the revolution that has taken place in handling money over his 22 years of experience at the country's main financial regulatory institution. He highlighted the dramatic change in moving from a cash to a contactless means of customer transaction and the steps himself and over 600 IT staff have to take to keep our money secure in this age where cybersecurity is paramount. Mark showed the students the large gold reserve that the Bank holds in its vaults as security by some of the world's leading global investors. Students very much enjoyed hearing about the extent to which the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) who meet monthly to set interest rates are looking very cautiously at both the Brexit vote and Trump's Trade war with China. The school was very grateful that  Mark shared such interesting insights into what an IT career entails in such a prominent and highly respected employer as the Bank of England.

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