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University of East London

On Weds 22nd May a trip was organised for 24 Year 9 students to spend a day at the University of East London. We travelled to the Docklands campus which was a great venue on a glorious sunny day alongside the Albert Dock. We had a great tour around the campus including taking a look at the Sports Dock, lecture theatre, coffee shops and library facilities. We also had the opportunity to view some typical student accommodation which had its own en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen facilities!

Back in the seminar room the students took part in a Psychology session and learnt about how the brain can perceive things and deceive you! This took the form of some fun interactive games and tasks. In the Business Marketing session they learnt about how companies market themselves to their audience and then had to work in teams to complete a SWOT analysis of large brands such as Apple, Disney and Adidas. Each group took a turn to talk about their ideas which was a great opportunity to practice their communication and presentation skills.

A final Q & A with student ambassadors from UEL covered topics such as student finance, the differences between a school timetable and a university one, how to choose a course and many more. Thank you to the Year 9’s for their interesting questions and making the most of their time at the university.

UEL Docklands May 19