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UKMT results

The recent UKMT (The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) results have been very good and what is more pleasing is one year 9 student; Zarar Chohan, one year 10 student; Zayan Asad and one year 11 student; Morgan Banham Wright have not only qualified for the next round and will sit this on the 21st March but also achieved a GOLD award! Zayan achieved the best in school award!

The rest of the results are as follow:

Year 9

Zarar Chohan - GOLD

Zara Ahmed - SILVER

Haroon Bhatti - SILVER

Kai Wang - BRONZE

Saem Rahman - BRONZE

Safwan Ahmed - BRONZE

Shayan Ali - BRONZE

Mohammed Uddin - BRONZE

Muhaimin Fatima - BRONZE

Prakshan - BRONZE

Daniel Asiamah - BRONZE

Waajid Mohamed - BRONZE


Year 10

Zayan Asad - GOLD

Ahmed Khan - SILVER

Nayan Gondalia - SILVER

Lanikah Bibi - BRONZE

Eric Daniel - BRONZE

Zannat Khan - BRONZE

Shahariya Haque - BRONZE

Rachel Wong - BRONZE

Fahim Bokth - BRONZE

Ibrahim Khan - BRONZE

Aatif Hussain - BRONZE


Year 11

Morgan Banham Wright - GOLD

Manjit Singh - SILVER

Hafsah Sheikh - SILVER

Jumainah Rahman - SILVER

Aqil Rahman - SILVER

Sayful Taneem - SILVER

Akif Rahman - SILVER

Mohammad Mohammad - SILVER

Zayn Khan  - BRONZE

Brendon Qosja - BRONZE

Waseem Mohamed - BRONZE

Fayzan Mohmood - BRONZE

Saif Ahmed - BRONZE

Hadiyah Yasser - BRONZE