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Margaret Hodge speaks to Year 8 students

On Friday 22nd March, our local MP, Margaret Hodge came in to speak to a group of Year 8 students who were passionate about tackling rising levels of Knife Crime in London. This was part of their PDC ‘Think Global, Act Local’ project and the students chose to invite the local MP in as their action method. It was so inspiring and helpful to hear what the local MP thought about this issue and the students felt very connected to her perspective! A true Labour party member for the people!

“I appreciate the fact that Margaret Hodge has taken her time discussing this serious issue regarding Knife Crime and Gang Violence. The session was so great for me because I felt so open to discussion as it is an important topic to me and is personal.” - Year 8 student

An article can also be found from the Barking and Dagenham Post here.

Margaret Hodge Montage 22.03.19 web