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GCSE Results Day

Class of 2019 have today welcomed in fantastic GCSE grades that are a testament to their hard work and dedication whilst at Barking Abbey school. These GCSEs have been enormously challenging and required pupils to apply their skills consistently in order to learn the vast amount of information required to understand and pass each subject. Barking Abbey teachers are exceptionally proud of students in year 11, we know how much time and effort you all put into these exams and, for us, every single grade is worth celebrating.

Year 11, you have left Barking Abbey with more than just exam results, you have left us with lasting knowledge, friends and great memories. Keep on developing your positive growth mindsets and go out into the world with your heads held high. Your grades today are brilliant accomplishments but never forget that they are just part of who you now are.  Exam results do not define you, your words, deeds and memories leave the lasting impression.

Well done Year 11, we are proud of you all.

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