Main School

The Gold award was given to Barking Abbey for its excellence in Healthy living

Promoting physical activity with students and staff. Students are offered a range of different extra curricular activities before, during and after school from Football, basketball, handball, netball and many more.
The canteen has had a review of foods and sugary drinks being sold conducted by the healthy school's co-ordinator Mr Leather with a range of different healthy options now available for students. With the new cashless catering system being introduced it is easier to monitor what students are eating.
The school also promotes healthy living through PE and PDC lessons with the effects food can have on the body in future. Healthy foods explained and how these foods can help students with not only physical performance but academic performance in classrooms.
The school went through a tough review with evidence having being submitted to a panel of experts in each area.
The school also had to complete two projects which lasted one school year. Firstly a selection of individuals targeting to become more active and the second was a whole school year looking at (FGM) female gentile mutilation a very wide case happening in the borough and the world. Students were positive in both projects and feel they learned and achieved how to become and stay active as well as understanding the wider case of FGM and how this is affecting young students of the same age.
After many meetings and lots of evidence put forward the award was collected by Mr Leather at City Hall on Thursday 28th June 2018.