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Barking Abbey ambassadors at Eastbury Primary

On Thursday 4th April, 15 ambassadors from Barking Abbey went to Eastbury Primary School to talk with the year 6 students about life at BA. They talked about the difference between primary and secondary school teaching, the number of subjects they enjoyed and described a typical day at school. They also discussed with the students the importance of working hard in their SATS as they are used by secondary school to predict future results, and they also talked about the Best habits that they learn at tutor time. All 15 students spoke confidently and positively about their experiences at BA. The year 6 students asked many intelligent questions which our ambassadors were happy to answer, and the session ended with the year 6 students being asked about their future aspirations, which they wrote down and a display was made of their plans. Thank you to our wonderful ambassadors for helping to raise the aspirations of the year 6 students at Eastbury Primary.

Eastbuty Aspirations LQ