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A visit from Sandy Rattray

On Wednesday, 21st November the school was very privileged to welcome one of the leading high finance experts from the City of London, Sandy Rattray of the Man Group.

Sandy outlined in his talk to an audience of 200 Sixth Formers from Years 12 and 13 his journey from an A level student to working in Goldman Sachs and in the last decade his key roles as both CEO and CIO of Man AHL and Man Group, the largest hedge-fund investment and management company in the world. After 20 minutes of talking to the students, Sandy paused to highlight to the students that in the short length of his lecture – his employees had earned the company’s clients $500 million dollars. This is scaled up to 3 trillion dollars on an annual basis….an unfathomable quantity of money to our penniless teens!

He emphasised the qualities needed to make it big in the finance and corporate industry – hard work, determination and resilience are key ingredients. He emphasised to the students the value of studying STEM subjects and how the problem-solving skill set gained from their study are integral to handling and making sense of the billions of data feeds that the machines and 1000 employees of the company handle on a daily basis.

Sandy spoke about the cosmopolitan nature of the workforce at the Man Group with over 42 different languages spoken in his office but stressed that they all communicate through one language: a computer coding language called Python. Sandy stressed how important it was for the young generation to embrace the new exciting digital revolution or they would be left behind!

In conclusion, Sandy offered a number of our year 12 and 13 prospective finance career oriented students an invitation to an internship at his company in 2019 – an opportunity a significant number of the audience are keen to take up!

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