Main School

Holiday Dates



Last day of the School Year

  • Tuesday 16th July 2019

Start of School Year for all year groups

  • Wednesday 4th September 2019

Half Term

  • Monday 21st - Friday 25th October 2019

Last Day of Autumn Term

  • Friday 20th December 2019

First Day of Spring Term

  • Monday 6th January 2020

Half Term

  • Monday 17th - Friday 21st February 2020

Last Day of Spring Term

  • Friday 3rd April 2020

First Day of Summer Term

  • Monday 20th April 2020

May Day Holiday

  • Friday 8th May 2020

Half Term

  • Monday 25th - Friday 29th May 2020

Last Day of the School Year

  • Wednesday 15th July 2020

The school considers that all absences from school will disrupt continuity of learning. As a consequence we believe that absences should be kept to a minimum.

All parents must request leave of absence in writing.  All leave of absence for holidays will be recorded as unauthorised; the School and Local Authority have the right to fine parents if they take any unauthorised absence for their child.

Children’s attendance is very carefully monitored by our Attendance Officer and Heads of Year.