Exam Procedures

Taking Exams at Barking Abbey School

Seating arrangements can be found on your individual timetable. It is your responsibility to know in advance which room you are in and where your seat is.


As a student taking examinations at Barking Abbey, you MUST read the official JCQ documents regarding exam rules and procedures. You will find all of the relevant documents above. 

Coats and bags are to be stored in the SDR2. AVOID BRINGING IN ANY VALUABLES.

For exams starting at 9:00am, you are to arrive at the correct exam room between 8:40 and 8:50 only.

For exams starting at 2pm, you are to arrive at the correct exam room between 1.40 and 1.50 only.

You must be punctual for every examination; once the door to the exam hall is closed, you must report to the Exams Office.

Correct school uniform must be worn for every examination. Year 12 and 13 students must have their ID badges on with the photograph on view (otherwise, admittance may simply be refused)  

You must bring to the examination the correct equipment: black pen, pencil, calculator, rubber etc. Calculators with a memory facility must be cleared before entering the exam room. You may have bottled water but the label must be removed prior to entering the exam room. Food and chewing gum are not allowed in the exam room. 

It is essential that students do not have on or with them a mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, smart watch, headphones, earphones or any such device in any examination.  To be in possession of such items or of notes connected with the subject being examined is prohibited and disqualification is the penalty for breaking this rule. 

Unfortunately, despite all our warnings and reminders it is not unusual for someone to ignore them and then find that this ends in disqualification.  Leaving such items at home during examinations will prevent this from happening and will also ensure that they remain completely safe and secure.

If it is essential you bring in your mobile phone, you must give in your phone at the desk outside the Sports Hall cloakroom. You will be given a number card, which you must put on your exam desk. Your phone will only be released to you in exchange for your numbered card. 

Wrist watches must be removed and placed on the desk as soon as you are seated. The wearing of a wrist watching during an exam is deemed as malpractice by the examination boards.

When entering the exam hall or room you must do so in complete silence and remain that way until you leave as per JCQ rules “Candidates are under formal examination conditions from the moment they enter the room in which they will be taking their examination(s)”

When seated in SG12:Sports Hall you will be told to leave by rows and must do so in an orderly fashion.   

You should not wait for other students directly outside the exam room and wait until clear of the area before talking.   

It is often the case that your exam may finish earlier than another exam in the same room, you must not disturb any other student still taking an exam. 

When an exam finishes, you are to leave the premises in an orderly fashion, unless you have another exam later on. If this is the case, you must find a quiet, available space to revise in. On most days, SA04: Main Hall will be available for study purposes.

Back-to-Back Exams: If you have more than one exam timetabled at the same time provided the total time does not exceed 3 hours you will be expected to sit these exams consecutively.

Clash exams: If you find an exam has been timetabled differently from your peers this is because you have a clash of more than 3 hours and one exam has been moved. You will be supervised by an invigilator in the break between exams.

If you have any questions about your exams please speak to an Exams Officer

Emergency Arrangements

In the event that you are ill or have an injury at the time of your examinations, it may be possible to apply for emergency access arrangements.

Please contact the Examinations Officer directly if you wish to seek clarification of the examination boards' requirements or to discuss individual circumstances.

Special Consideration

Special Consideration may be given following an examination in respect of an illness, accident or bereavement ‘to ensure that candidates who suffer temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of the examination are given some compensation for their difficulties'. Applications must be made to the Examinations Officer immediately following the examination paper(s) affected, so prompt action in the production of supporting documentation (usually a doctor's letter) is necessary. The student and/or his or her parents must initiate the process and provide medical evidence within two working days of the examination/s affected.