Advance Information Summer 2022

The government is clear that students entering GCSEs or A levels in 2022 should expect to take exams in the summer and complete any non-exam assessments in the usual way throughout the year.

In recognition of the fact that students’ education has been disrupted by the pandemic, Advance Information was published on February 7th.

A Level

Students taking GCSEs in English Literature, History and Geography will not need to cover the usual range of content in the exams – the exam boards have published information on their websites on how this will work for each of their specifications in these subjects. Students taking GCSEs in all other subjects have been given advance information about the focus of the content of the exams to support their revision.

Students taking GCSE mathematics will be given in their exams copies of formulae they would in other years have to memorise.

Students taking GCSE physics and combined science will be given in their exams a sheet covering all the equations they might need to apply in the exams.

Our teachers are now planning for the remainder of the school year in the run up to the Exams, and ensuring our students are as prepared as possible for the return to exams for the first time since 2019.