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Remote Learning


All work for students who are absent from school will be uploaded to the relevant area of Show My Homework (please note there is a Classwork and Homework section). If you have any problems accessing this, please contact the school at

In the case of a partial or full Bubble Lockdown, Barking Abbey will move to a "Blended Learning" model. Work will continue to be provided on Show My Homework; in addition remote live teaching will be provided in Years 9-13 to ensure no student is disadvantaged. Students will be sent invites to relevant lessons by email; the lessons will take place on Microsoft Teams. A guide to support parents logging in to Show My Homework can be found at:

At Key Stage 3, Oak National Academy lessons will be used; the relevant links will be added to Show My Homework.

In the case of a full school lockdown, Barking Abbey will move to its "Plan B" model: live lessons will be taught on an adapted timetable which will be shared with parents and students. A link to our Remote Education Policy is provided below.

When Blended Learning or Plan B is required, the school will survey parents, in order for us to ensure we are providing the best possible learning experience for all our students.

Remote Education Policy