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Ms P Henry Head of Department

Department Overview

Five Reasons Why You Should Study Economics at Barking Abbey School:

  1. It is one of the most relevant, real life subjects available on the curriculum.

  2. Exciting new extracurricular opportunities and educational visits are available.

  3. The teaching staff have experience of working as external examiners for the courses you will study.

  4. The department is passionate, experienced and innovative in order to make your learning fun.

  5. Whatever your career path, they are respected subjects by employers and universities.

Economics is well-regarded amongst academic circles as well as by employers, as it shows you have a good understanding of how economies works. Economics is a great complimentary subject when paired with other subjects such as maths, English, history and geography.

You will gain the skills to reason logically and to think in terms of the short and long term consequences of actions. You will also gain an appreciation of the many aspects of issues and will understand the importance of differentiating between fact and opinion. Studying Economics opens doors to many, many opportunities.

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 4


The examination board for this course is AQA. The course is 100% examination, this means that there is no controlled assessment element. Students will complete the following units of study:

Unit 1: Personal Economics

  • Money

  • Work

Unit 2: Investigating Economic Issues

  • The National and Global Economy

  • Managing the Economy

  • Current Economic Issues